Still waiting on my NASH beta invite

Just wanted to remind the team that I’m still waiting on my NASH beta invite…just in case they forgot to add me to the first batch of users :sunglasses:

In all seriousness, we have less than a week until beta launch and I just wanted to take a moment and say that I look forward to the launch and seeing everything this team has been able to accomplish, it’s been a long ride but it’s 100% worth it.


Waiting for the launch to see the UI and Fiat on-ramps! Though looking forward for following features by Q4 2019

  • BTC Pairing
  • Staking
  • NEX token trading

Agreed, the BTC pairing is the most important on that list since it will drive the volume. Staking won’t be effective without volume and the NEX trading will most likely be a while before we see it due to licensing approval.

I am looking forward to this as well. Fabio has commented that they are adding people to the list on an as needed basis.
Given they are using this community beta as a way to monitor what we (users) are doing and make improvements to the platform based on the how we interact with it, and they cant monitor everybody at the same time, they will only have the number of users that they need to keep busy reviewing/improving, and bring on more users as they need them (since the level of activity of new users will probably peak and drop off across a few days), so they can monitor how the improvements based on the last group benefit the next group (im guessing).


lol. Straight to the point :sunglasses::grin:

hahaha straight in, no kissing

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when beta invite?

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lol welcome to the waiting line…

any plans to have wbtc for trading?

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No, the team has already stated that BTC will eventually be available when they get a stable solution figured out. They already released the pairings that were going to be available at launch and BTC was not one of them.

The team has also stated that they have a few idea to implement BTC but that “wrapped BTC” was not a viable solution.

Slight correction; they have worked out and are testing multiple solutions, they hired a BTC specialist some time ago, it’s not that ‘they are figuring out a way’, they know ways.

Yes, this is probably a more accurate way to put it. They have solutions but they’re still working through the one they want to use (at least, that’s the last I heard of it). They could be alot further along though with it.

However, I believe using “wrapped” anything on NASH goes against their goals since wrapping in essence is more of an “IOU” rather than being backed by the actual asset until the trade is settled.

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If I remember correctly the team stated they would do anything possible to prevent wrapped assets, as that goes against the vision of providing non-custodial distributed finance to the masses.


Same here. Didn’t receive my invitation code as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope it’s still coming!