Standard Public-address lists to use on an exchange (''because potential copy-paste malware--and typos'')

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I was thinking of how uncomfortable it feels every time I send more significant (to me) volumes of crypto from Bittrex to another wallet, because of the copy-pasting of public-addresses instead of having a list of standard used wallet-addresses.
Aphelion does it and it feels as a safer way of transacting in-between wallets, Nash Exchange should facilitate such option in my opinion.


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(Ne Xus) #3

Will the extension be the only transaction location even when on the exchange?


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you can add several contacts / saved locations. Super easy to do:23

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(Chris Fenwick) #5

No. The funds management tools also let you transfer assets around from within the web platform. And of course there is an address book!

Our transfer UI is actually something of an innovation :slight_smile:


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Thanks both, but this was the answer I was waiting for. So it’s called funds management tools, got that. Such an address book comes in handy, so one does not have to check every character with significant transactions… Very stressful, and finally of the past, thank you.

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good point, mate

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