Staking-Statement Dashboard

Hi … I wanted to look at my staking statements, but unfortunately it is not possible for me. I’m running 24 stakes. With the bulk of the individual listings, even my PC hangs up. Are you planning to revise the statement dashboard again to make it clearer for people with more stakes? :upside_down_face:


Similar issue for me, however I think if you have enough ram (>16gb) it is possible to view your statements. When the team has time to look into this it’d be better to just combine each stake i.e. for each pair (BTC/ETH) just combine all the stakes a user has for that day.
So instead of the statement being;
total lines = nStakes * nPairs * nDays
it becomes
total lines = nPairs * nDays
I can understand how having a line for each stake is useful for verifying the correct payout (or it would be if the stake duration was included in that line) however combining all the rewards for that pair on that day in one line is sufficient for viewing the statement in the web interface.
It makes sense for the CSV export to have as much information as possible since it’ll be used for accounting/tax purposes but for viewing in the web interface a summary view should be sufficient.


We have a staking redesign that is in QA, should be coming this week or next.