Staking purchased tokens

NEX team, we all know the NEX token is unofficially trade on 3 CEXchanges right now (c., t. and m.). They all withdrawing tokens with right asset contract (3a4acd3647086e7c44398aac0349802e6a171129). You know that we are in a state of uncertainty regarding this matter, most of people want to increase their NEX bag. So it would be great if you shed some light on: will these tokens (purchased and withdrawed in this way) be allowed to staking? I’m not talking about OTC, but about those CEXs.


Reffer to this thread:


I mean the second part of the deal, which concerns specifically the Neonexchange policy.

Assume the tokens was already purchased there and successfuly withdrawed. This part is my own problem, because it depend on my country laws, I clearly understand this.

So what I asking: those tokens already in my personal NEO wallet. So, I could pass the KYC on NEX platform and absolutely legally stake those tokens, also like my own tokens, which was bought via ICO?

If you pass our AML/KYC checks you will be able to stake.


Hi @canesin small question about this (may be asked already, my apologies if so), if I already passed KYC during ICO phase, do I need to do it again for being able to stake?

@TheRon - Yes mate, I am pretty sure you will have to pass a new more thorough round of KYC, this question has been asked before, if you didn’t… try using the search function up the top, its a magnifying glass icon in the top right. :slight_smile:

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Haha, yes, thankdid a search on ‘KYC’, but it gave me so much results, that I stopped my search :slight_smile:


If you passed already, shouldn’t be an issue passing again. I assume it will be a similar exercise, however, I can’t really envision what else they would ask for?

@JumpAround @NexChapter @TheRon As far as I know, those who passed kyc already for ico can stake without having to do it again

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I think you need to do KYC again.
I couldn’t get through the ICO :frowning:
Looking forward to stake my NEX that I bought OTC.



@Olu thanks for the withdrawn, let’s keep the camaraderie environment here. Everyone can change opinions, YouTuber or not. I have seen several original critics of NEX acquire the token because it is being proven in the market - where every token will be tested regardless.


Sure @canesin :pray: