Staking NEX Tokens

Trying to find more info on how to stake tokens on the exchange. Am I jumping the gun here or is there any info out there on how to do this?

Before staking begins, there should be a guide on how it will work. It will be straightforward. Kyc will be required for those that didn’t already pass kyc for the 2nd round of the sale.

That’s mean the guys who bought nex from ico TGE no need to kyc again to staking, right?

Yeah, those that passed KYC for the second round of ico. They will also have a higher daily trading limit on the exchange

I just bought NEX in first round ico so I don’t know how KYC happened in the second round. Could you tell me about it? Thank you.

Assuming it will be the same, you will have to upload two selfies and a scan or photo of your passport or id card.

Here are the guidelines that were used for the second round of ico…

IMG_20190306_064854_047 IMG_20190306_064850_970

Has any info come out? I have a question re-guarding KYC as I had issues for lottery sign up as i think my passport either was close to running out or had expired that long ago I can’t remember. I have a new passport but can’t find a page any where to register it or check my status. I would like to solve this issue for my self but others my have this issue

Before staking begins, we should be given time to deal with KYC. There will be an announcement nearer the time

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