Staking: MVP feedback round 1

Lets hope maximum limit of 8 stakes is not built into Staking Smart Contract. If its not not then only it can be changed.

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I started with 1 month and 2 and so on. But the problem is still immense. Your thoughts are not correct. There is no way to recover to a rational distribution over 8 month. I could wait 1 month and stake my currently not staked 66% of token for 24 month.
Then I got:
1 with 1/24 for 1 month
1 with 1/24 for 2 month

1 with 1/24 for 7 month
1 with 16/24 for 24 month
But this has nothing to do with a strategy we planned with.

Or I could wait one month and only stake 3/24 of my currently not staked tokens to recover to the possible distribution with 8 stakes.
But then I have to wait for 8 month until I am able to get all my tokens into a stake.
Think about it, your suggestion is not deeply thought.

There is no other solution for us than softening the limitation. And I think it was not intended by the team to trick us into not being able to stake all token. It was just a missing information while staking. So hopefully they correct this by changing it.

Edit: to answer your other comment: It is not a limitation of the contract.

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We are not in panic but please try to understand why a lot of us are not amused about that.
The staking system is the only way for us as investors (and I am an investor until ICO phase) to take profit out of our investment. (Ok you can speculate for token mooning but if you do that you do not stake.) So if you stake you believe in the platform, the team and your investment. And then it is hopefully understandable that some of us are kind of frustrated that we hit a not communicated or expected wall with only 33% tokens staked at the lowest 8 percentages.


Maybe they are just waiting for the first payment round, which is within 7 hours, and see how things go before the limit goes up or before the team can answer our question.


I hope that the team answers our question. A little skeptical makes me that already.

But still I have to thank the team. I just did my first two trades and it just works great.

There is no maximum number of stakes in the contract. As explained the current 8 stakes limitation is temporary and due to NEOs 10 free GAS rule, meaning smart contracts executions that costs up to 10 GAS are free, after that you have to pay fees (that can be quite steep). We have some optimizations that can allow about 16 stakes to be created for free and will allow for people to use GAS to pay the fees for a bigger number of stakes.

Could we use this is as a UX feedback thread only ? For support contact … if you guys want to discuss a specific topic let’s pull in another post.



Nevertheless, one might still ask questions when we can expect this optimization? That’s messing up our plans.

And something else. I think something important should be in the FAQ and not only if man has consumed all 8 stakes. Because then it is too late :pensive:

Thanks Fabio…

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Less than a couple of weeks. This is UI only.


So am I understanding correctly that we can expect up to 16 stakes in the next couple of weeks, with the option of paying a gas fee for more stakes?

If so can we also expect that information will be laid out in the staking area or in the learn about staking area as to how many free stakes you get plus how much the fee would be if you wanted more? I want the ability to plan out duration of stakes beforehand so im not surprised at my max stakes like I was here with the 8 limit.

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Can we change some formatting in regards to the ‘Next Payment’ section. When there is 1 hour left before payout it says “1 hours” can we drop the s from the hour so it is singular and not plural? Also when there is “0 hours left” can we get an estimation in minutes or at least have the message say “Payment in under an hour” or something?


Thanks Fabio, this is good news. Please remove the 5 minute wait time as well when we are able to create stakes for a gas fee. :wink:

The ‘Total dividends’ icon is not in line with the rest on the statement details page, so after clicking ‘View statement’.

Not sure if said already, but in the last hour before payout it says Next payment: 0 hours instead of showing e.g. Next payment: 25 minutes.

The Create stake modal uses a lot of vertical spacing which now causes the need to scroll a bit, while it can probably fit the screen perfectly if you decrease the spacing and make them consistent (space between Amount and Duration is around 70px and between duration and details around 50px).

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Refresh the page and you should now be able to create up to 16 stakes :cut_of_meat:
This is still a temporary solution waiting for the full one.

We are working on a solution that will allow unlimited stakes without any gas fee, though this will take a bit longer to implement ( ~1 to 2 weeks ).

Sorry for the initial limitation, it was only put in place to protect your NEX! We found an issue late in the release cycle and did not have time to properly solve it so we put in the safe limit instead.


Great. You are a great team.

If you now show the gestaked NEX tokens in the portfolio, it would be great.


Amazing work!!! I can’t wait. I will do my 16 stakes now and await the rest till I can do 24. you are all amazing

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“Stakes in progress
8 / 16 max”

This is perfect. Thank you.

Update: Potential issue? Five minutes after I created my 9th stake, I’m able to create a new one. However, it has not reflected that I have a 9th stake. It still says 8 stakes, and my portfolio balance still has my funds from before initiating the staking contract. I also wasn’t asked for my Authenticator code this time, unlike the first 8 times.

2nd Update: It seems to work now when I refreshed. I made my 9th Stake for a 2nd time and it worked. My initial stake seems to have not done anything? Strange. But glad it’s working now.

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I can only say that it worked for me. I have 16/16 stakes now. And all without problems. :thinking:

That’s great. I think I solved the issue on my own. For the part about not seeing the Authenticator input, it was because I had just logged in. It seems within a timeframe it won’t ask for that.

As for my stake not going through, I noticed that if I put an amount that is not divisible by 1 NEX, an amount that has fractions, the site will say my stake went through but nothing on the smart contract side of things happens.

For example, 100.03027415 won’t work but 100 will. Either way, the website says the stake went through but it doesn’t reflect on the contract on the former number. Perhaps the team can make a warning on the page about this in the future to avoid confusion from others trying this same thing?

Go :nash:! :slightly_smiling_face: