Staking dates - 1 month?

So, I staked some NEX today for 1 month and it says:
November 01, 2019 - December 02, 2019

Why is that? I was hoping to restake on the 1st of December. Stakes are supposed to be for one month.

First calculation for payout is one whole day later then the day you staked if you check your staking contract it will say next payout in **hours this is per 24hrs


If you check the Nash staking contract, it says


This means your stake is locked for 2629743 seconds which equals to 30.44 days. Depending on the time you staked and the length in days of the current month, the unlock date will be a day later than the first day of the month. (I hope that makes sense).

Quite annoying. It should tell you what date it’s going to be finished in the staking page so you don’t have to find out after you stake.