Staking Badges

Hello all,

First of all congratulation for the team and the BTC market, amazing stuff.

Regarding badges, I was thinking that, as the community is a place were only people who staked join, it would be nice to have a badge that is tied with the amount of NEX you have staked.


Shrimp stake - 10 Nex
Meat stake - 1,000 Nex
Elephant stake - 10,000 Nex
Whale stake - 100,000 Nex

I believe this will give the members an additional indicator, and would help with the trust between community members,

What do you guys think?


Love the idea!

However giving any indication of the amount held by an account is a dangerous practice.

Maybe it can be considered after the MPC wallet upgrade, since it would increase security even further.
An additional measure would be to make displaying the badge optional.


I though about this, and this badge can be displayed only if the user wants.
Lets say you have 10k Nex staked,
You will receive all the badges under 10k + Elephant Stake. You can display any of those badges.

Actually I prefer that nobody knows my staked amount by security

So it would be only for bragging how much Nex you have :smiley:
I personally don’t like that idea. Badges should reflect community engagement


I would not say barging.
I think it will bring a sense of trust when someone with this badge will reply on your post.

Again this would be just a badge that the user can display if they want to. Not something mandatory.

But love the idea of trust between community people btw

This will only mean someone had money to buy Nex. Maybe he got it by fraud or something like that. For me it’s better to have badges for amount of likes or starts someone got from other members for answering questions or giving some kind of support.
I like your idea but not in the sense of amount of Nex holdings. That is personal financial information


It also shows a commitment: if you staked your tokens, you’re both helping the community by creating scarcity and showing you trust Nash to do well in the future.

I guess this badge would only be granted if you stake for 24 months and would disappear when that staking period is over.

But then it raises the questions:

  • what if I have 10k NEX staked spread across multiple stakes for different time spans?
  • seeing a 100k NEX badge disappear from someone’s profile would paint a big target on his back

All in all, maybe it would be harder to put into practice than it looks.

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Great point Oldsport, I did not think about these possibilities,
Maybe the team can have a look and implement in a way they think its right, if they consider this improvement.

this is just an indicator of how much money you have.
but hardly shows how much you know about the topic.
i think that the most precious thing is time and community members who bring a lot of time and a lot of background knowledge you can tell by it and not how much money you have in your account.
from this you can specifically compromise accounts

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Another thing i did not think about,
I was thinking that in the future this will show 1 nex staking users who FUD

Two users arguing…

Person A: Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You speak to a nash elephant! You’re not even a true Nash believer. You only possess the lowly shrimp badge!

Person B: That does it! Stand back and despair, as I reveal my final form…

-glowing lights-

Person A: Oh no… Oh sh!t… Whale-badge! He was suppressing his Nex level this entire time! It’s over 100,000!

The number of nex hold / staked probably does not truly indicate the passion towards the project. Those who are following twitter probably knows that from comments from someone holding 700K nex and how they behave. For someone 1000 nex got from lottery may be their max investment, and for someone else 10k may be just a small amount… Both these holders may have different level of passion for the project.

I agree, the staked badge shows some level of trust, but probably instead of creating whale badges , few badges

  1. Strong believer badge for minimum 1000 nex staked for 24 months
  2. Doubter badge for any lower amount staked or for less months
  3. Looser badge for 0 stake amount

:white_check_mark: I think this proposal is not really relevant at the moment and we can consider other ways to demonstrate our commitment and support to Nash. I consider that this initiative will at some point only make us distance ourselves because a “badge” will give us a “status”. defirente compared to others. :+1:

Thank you all for giving your input. I can understand why this might not be a good improvement to the community as a whole.

I will be closing and deleting this thread.

Edit: It seems I cannot, @admin


You don’t need to delete a topic, I like the initiatives that the community offers, it’s just finding a point where we can really contribute to the growth of Nash and the community. All ideas are welcome and this is an open forum where we are all free to express our ideas, even if others disagree, but the important thing is that we all have the same common goal, which is to see a strong community and make it Nash gets bigger every day.


Nice try tho ^^