St. Petersburg event livestream link?

(Alexh) #1

Would love to watch the event live, will watch Twitter, but if something’s been communicated, would appreciate the link.

(Seidler) #2

I am also curious if we will receive any new information, its unlikely as Fabian has only 30 minutes speech time

(Mao Mao) #3

is anyone attending this event…please give us an update… thank you so much

(CryptoUK1) #4

@MaoMao I wasn’t in attendance but they announced NeoFS.

Here’s a slick video about it

(Snkbam) #5

Any updates? I would love to watch the video in case it was recorded.

(Alexh) #6

I’m starting to theorize that it wasn’t actually about NEX, but it was Fabian (CoZ NEX Co-Founder) who was introducing his other project (NeoFS, I think). I hope I’m wrong.

(Jump Around) #7

The event was never claimed to be about NEX, it was a NEO meet up/event.

(Snkbam) #8

ah, I assumed that since I saw NEX here they would have presented something. My bad then.

(Jump Around) #9

My Mistake, I assume where Fabian was speaking at it they may have touched on NEX as well?