Soon exchange?

nOs and Phantasma are talking about :nex_logo: today, can this be a signal about the exchange coming?

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I wish :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt it. Fabio suggested that getting the exchange out in q4 would be a challenge and still almost 2 months left to go for that timeframe

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Am starving here, I beg for a test net version at Least :sleeping:. Itโ€™s night 12am here . I wish to see exchange live by morning :heart:

I hope Nex launches in a bull market (even if thatโ€™s Q1 2020).


Yes please, let NEX be our not so little secret so we can keep accumulating without chasing prices :blush:

The timeline says fall 2018 which ends Dec 21st :crossed_fingers:

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25th of December, under the Christmas tree! :yum:

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where are nos and phantasma talking about NEX ? source?

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What do you mean?

This :point_down::point_down:
And this :point_down::point_down: