Some questions November 2019

Hi, I haven’t written here for a while.

What’s up with Nash? 1k daily volume does not touch the team a bit?

Why doesn’t Nash have support from the NEO team? I see NEO leaders working with SWITCHEO and not with Nash … don’t they really believe in Nash?

What happens they don’t list ONT? Wouldn’t it be easy to do it?

I read a post where Fabio says that listing NEX in Nash is not his priority and that the licenses will be REVISED in 2020 ???

Your private investors do not claim that they have a daily volume of 1K?

Marketing is not active right? because they started an “alleged series of Ethan videos” but there was only 1 video, you don’t have time to make a 5 minute video per week for your project?

Instagram has a weekly post, do not have time to publish at least every two days?

Show the product, videos showing the product, screens, transactions, etc., that has no cost and will generate long-term organic positioning.

There are no new associations, nothing new, they have nothing to tell?

Well, just that, I don’t expect an answer, I just would like them to be activated.

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I am sure it touches the Team… at the end of the day Nash is a company that needs to make money to pay there employees. Its not like a non profit organisation…

Also Fabio mentioned that currently the prioraty for Nash is to gain volume (among others with BTC pairs).

Nash opened it doors on 9th September 2019 and said the goal is to generate a daily volume of 100 milllion within the first 6 months. Thats the 9th March 2020.

Just wait for next year and see what happens.

I am aware that the current price developments of NEX are causing a lot of unrest in the community. But what you shouldn’t forget is that the price of NEX isn’t really meaningful at such a low volume.

That’s something that came as a surprise to me, too (And I’m sure we’re not the only ones).
Perhaps there is still some work to be done on the communication.

Maybe it will help if your decisions are explained in more detail in order to create transparency for the community @canesin?

Well, this is quite unrealistic - As I said before…they should “under-promise & over-deliver” - If they dont make it close to this prediction it is going to hurt!

but i guess if Nash exceeds 100 milllion within the first 6 months, they will have “under-promised & over-delivered” lol