Some ideas for reaching new users

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while listening to the latest The Investors Podcast (TIP322) with Raoul Pal, I was thinking that it would post a great opportunity to reach a broad audience who are interested but new to the crypto space.
I can image that a placement in their podcast would be quite expensive but the referral program might be incentive enough for them to at leat consider talking about Nash.
They have an ad for BlockFi in that particular episode (around the 43:30 min mark), to me that shows that they are open to crypto companies and with Nash Savings coming up I believe Nash should consider talking to them pointing out all the other advantages Nash has over other similar offers.

In terms of what the community can do I believe that approaching traditional finance influencers like Graham Stephan and Andrei Jikh would be more effective than approaching crypto influencers who have biased views with biased followers. In the end Nash wants to be the first point of contact for new crypto investors like Coinbase and not a competitor to Binance.
Andrei Jikh in particular is interesting as he himself is a crypto investor, as seen in his latest video also using BlockFi to earn interest on his cryptos. To make him aware of Nash’s referral program (and potentially Nash savings) would be a great opportunity as he often advertises Robinhood and WeBull for their referral programs.

I hope you like my ideas, maybe we can build on that.
I am looking forward to further ideas and feedback in the comments.

Thats it for me, in the end they are just some random thoughts I had :slight_smile:


Great Idea :heart:


Brilliant idea !

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