Some ideas for NEX


Hope you all are excited and waiting just as eagerly as me for NEX to release their product. Been almost a year now that most of us found out about it and it’s been a crazy ride since.

It’s also almost Christmas soon and I hope you all spend some quality time with your loved ones without worrying too much about crypto, I know it’s painful but you’re all invested in something that could potentially be the future of finance so hold tight.

Anyway, so I’ve been trying to contribute as much as possible to NEX, never been as passionate in a crypto project as this. If you didn’t already know, I run a news channel on telegram for NEX because I saw users joining the chat group and constantly asking questions and as the chat moves forward the answers get lost. So I created where I share everything from messages by the team to videos/articles regarding NEX as unbiased as possible. Basically keeping 300+ members in the loop. If you’re interested, definitely check it out!

Another active member here named Dennis created an amazing bot that tracks the price of NEX because he saw that people kept constantly asking about price. Here’s the link:
It’s awesome to see the community contribute so much and again with this Forum, we always see some cool discussions and interesting links being shared keeping everyone informed. I’m very proud of you all and together we can truly bring NEX to the masses.
Also shoutout to Balder Bomans and the admins from the NEX chat, keep up the good work!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about some ideas that could help NEX become more user friendly.
So I recently found out about a project called Pillar and their goal is to bring crypto to the masses. They recently released their ERC20 wallet for both IOS and Android and it’s a really good wallet. Very simplistic and it allows for adding people by username and chat with them similar to WhatsApp. The interesting part is the fact that you can send crypto by username as well, not a necessity to use public/private keys to send funds that a normal person would probably not understand. They plan on adding more chains and usability, here’s some pics of the wallet:

I could only post 2 images for some reason, so here are some other pics of the wallet:

I think if NEX does something similar by making their extension and mobile wallet more like a social networking site where you can add and chat with people and at the same time send crypto easily, that’d definitely bring more adoption. The good thing with NEX is the advantage of instant crypto to crypto conversion and fiat gateways which would make it a killer product right off the bat. No need to go to different shady exchanges and learn trading just to buy another token, just instantly being able to convert to fiat and other tokens in this simplistic and decentralized environment will be so powerful, especially for newbies.

So yea, definitely something to consider. I know NEX team has plans for username/password registration for their platform while still being no custodian, so why not add chatting capabilities and the possibility to send by username.

Hope this was coherent enough :joy:

If there’s something I missed or if someone has a better idea, comment down below.

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This message underestimates the team, still saw nothing of the team as it can give suggestions.

It was already reported that the only official place is this, I do not understand why they insist with Telegram.

Regarding the BOT, it only shows information about unauthorized bags, that price should not be considered in any way.

This post is a joke of bad taste and a total lack of respect.

Pillar is a bad project that raised a lot of money and they spent it on parties and paid Clif High and Jsnip4 to advertise in their communities.

Pillar does not do anything superior to NEX, just look at the NEX route map and you will see that it is vastly superior.

Although I agree with most of the first comment. The messaging feature may be a good idea. Possibly.

Haven’t looked too much into Pillar project but from what I can tell their wallet is functional and very easy to use. If NEX could integrate the messaging aspect into their own wallet it’d make the experience better imo.

And if I did underestimate the team then that wasn’t my intention. I know they’re very capable and expect an amazing product on launch.

Even though you were unreasonably negative, I appreciate the input.

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This idea is innovative. It even makes grand ma easily sent money to her grand childred just with their names. I love this idea. Kind of whatsapp crypto wallet lol. NEX can do it.


Please tell us how you really feel :astonished:

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+1 on messaging feature.


Although I agree with your comment, you should keep things civilized. I’m sure Mange has good intentions.

That being said: here are my thoughts on the OP’s post.

Creating telegram channels undermines NEX team’s efforts to make this very forum a place of truth and constructive thinking. If people want to know NEX token price, let them wait a few days/weeks to see the official price on NEX exchange.

Creating a messaging feature in-app. Guys keep in mind that any development is time taken off the real objectives: wouldn’t you rather see Fiat gateway or BTC trading pairs as soon as possible? :wink:


That part of your post is a total lack of respect to Mange. You should consider removing it.

Something to put in future development pipeline. It’s good that we all give inputs like this. It’s up to the team what to take in and prioritize. They’re the experts.


Good points.

Unfortunately telegram is where most of the community is at so I felt like providing a quick-to-access place for news related to NEX, I’ve gotten good reception so far so some find value in it. I also post links redirecting to this forum in almost every post I make to hopefully get more people here.

What NEX did with this forum is great but their product isn’t out yet so there’s not enough material to make whole threads about. Most things have already been said, so hopefully when they release more details in regards to the exchange we’ll get more discussions going.

And regarding messaging feature, I think anything that can make NEX more user friendly should be considered.

Thanks for the input! :grinning:


Agreed. I spent the majority of my news consumption time on Telegram. @canesin why not have a Telegram announcement channel in addition to Twitter for social media announcements? Back then during ICO stage, my biggest complaint was the fact NEX used Twitter for announcement. Soooo easy for scammers to make their move due to FOMO despite the 1-week time frame to invest. Real investors lost real money (I almost pulled the trigger to buy before realizing the twitter handle is different). NEX team reporting these scammers and pinning a warning message did little to prevent the scammers.

In hindsight, why didn’t the team use Telegram announcement channel instead? In the spirit of NEX making things simple and intuitive, Twitter as an announcement channel was a BIG blunder.

With all due respect, I genuinely want to understand the decision to use Twitter over Telegram announcement channel (not the chat channel) during the ICO stage because I personally know some of the people who got scammed because of this.

But of course, this is just my opinion and it’s in the past. The team knows best (not being sarcastic). Forgive me for ranting. It was just painful watching some of the ppl I know getting scammed.

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It’s unfortunate that people you know got scammed from Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it’s a poor medium to disseminate information.

I’d argue Telegram has much higher risks with potential fraud; unsuspecting users can easily deceived by imitation announcement channels, users posing as trusted admins, etc, etc. This happens quite often in the OTC groups I’ve surveilled, and I don’t seeing it getting much better until buyers utilize more common sense and practice more diligence.


The same could be said about using Twitter as the official announcement channel. That is why there is a link from NEX website to the official channels and in that regard, there would be a link to the official Telegram announcement channel and I think you’re probably confusing the usecase of a Telegram chat channel vs an announcement channel. Tell me how a scammer can potentially make their move on an official Telegram announcement channel.

It is counterproductive to try pressuring the team into setting up a Telegram group after they have repeatedly expressed their reservation about it.
For any serious NEXer, all you need to join this amazing community is one NEX token in your wallet.
Think of the effort and creativity that went into developing this user-friendly community. Investors who are too lazy to migrate from Telegram may not be of great value to the NEX platform.
I appreciate your suggestion on a messaging functionality and I think the team is way ahead in that respect.
I am very pleased that NEX is standing out by not having a Telegram group. I don’t think Coinbase has one either. Please let us drop this Telegram thingy. It is not very appreciative of this community.


You should thank OP for that. I was simply supporting it.

And based on your response, it would beg the question why bother with a Twitter account in the first place. Please re-read my post and understand what I was trying to ask instead of claiming that it is counterproductive and not appreciative of this amazing community as if you’re speaking for everyone.

I was questioning the reason behind choosing Twitter channel vs Telegram announcement channel. We’ve all read the pinned msg on Twitter:
“Beware of scam accounts! We report dozens every day, but it takes time for Twitter to review and delete them. You can help by reporting too. NEX only communicates via our Twitter, Medium and website. Any other channels are unofficial.”

Not trying to beat a dead horse since the ICO is already over, but imagine if a Telegram announcement channel had been used instead of Twitter. How much time and resources could have been saved by not having to deal with reporting scammers to Twitter then waiting for Twitter to take action all the while giving scammers free reign to run rampant every time the team made a Twitter post and constantly be on the lookout for the next scammer?

And comparing it with Coinbase in this particular topic is irrelevant. Coinbase is not doing any ICO, thus very little risk, if any, of a scam attempt.

And this will be the end of this discussion for me as we have great things to look forward to.

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Nex has a reputation to keep. Telegram just does not cut it. Telegram is associated with the 2017 ico craze when many were scammed. Twitter is more known to professional establishments.
Yes, a telegram announcement channel maybe safe in comparison to a telegram chat but it’s the telegram name that’s the problem. And a telegram announcement channel would just lead to people begging for a telegram chat.
Your arguments of fake twitter accounts scamming people is the exact same as a fake telegram announcement channel scamming people. (and there actually was one of these fake channels even though nex has no telegram!!)

The NEX community is the best tool by far. Coinbase doesn’t have a Telegram and a community neither. About Twitter, personally I just put the notifications on the official account and that’s it. We should focus on how empower the community