Some bugs and ideas for fixes

Hi there

I’d like to give some feedback on the exchange and the iOS app on what you could improve.

First when I open the iOS App I don’t land on the page where I can enter the 2FA. Instead I see a page that says fails to load… but if I turn back to the home screen and open the App again, I can unlock my account and then I can enter my 2FA. Please fix this that this window opens directly when I open the app.

Secondly on the web exchange, I noticed that the 1h, 6h, 12h chart for BTC/USDC only has very limited data… only couple days back. When I then switch to the daily chart everything is displayed properly with all the data. Please fix this too.



I had this error, report this directly to support, it won’t get fixed here.

I have the same issue on my iphone. Will report it too

Thanks for posting @Jan! Welcome to the Community!

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