SOLVED its a BUG 10% more NEX issued then advertised

Could a NEX teammember explain the following:

From whitepaper:
4. NEX Token
“The NEX token allows holders to claim a share of fees generated by the payment service and
exchange. In total, 50 million tokens will be issued that entitle holders to a share of the fees taken by
the exchange and payment service”

The NEX contract says:
Hash 3a4acd3647086e7c44398aac0349802e6a171129
Type NEP5
Name NEX Token
Symbol NEX
Supply 55,588,500
Issued 55,588,500

So it seems that the team has 5.588.500 more NEX token in hand than advertised and calculated with?
Could these 10% more be sold on the market when on Exchange… by the team?

Looking forward to some clarifications,

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Just a bug on the neoscan don’t worry

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Well if I check other tokens they all are correct. So can you tell me how you verified that this is a bug, please

Neotracker is bugged. Transfers of NEX from the company’s wallet are wrongly recorded as mint-transactions on neotracker. Check the company’s wallet on neoscan and neotracker:

As an example of one of those NEX token transfers that neotracker wrongly recorded as mint-transaction check the same transfer on neoscan and neotracker:

As you can see on neotracker there is no from address, it is recorded as newly minted tokens, while they actually came from the NEX company wallet.


Thanks for the clarification.