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It has now been fixed, however I am saddened that this tweet has generated so many negative comments. @canesin this is a minor, yet avoidable embarrassment and the kind of thing that fudsters are looking out for. Please don’t let it happen again. I understand this is not the first time.


I was going to make a post about this too. You have to make sure that these CoSchedule tweets about youtube videos do not have the videos set to private as it doesn’t look great. For me this is the 2nd time I have seen this. Also if it is set to private the tweet does not generate a thumbnail/twitter video player which is a nice to have.

At least have the video set on unlisted so it can be viewed when linked to.

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In my opinion, such a video at the time where the exchange is still offline has a very negative impact rather than a positive one. That’s why I can not understand the current advertising for nash absolutely. Alone if you see the comments on twitter under the video. :disappointed:

Dear Nash Team (@canesin @ethan @carla). Do not you get that with the mood just very tense? Especially on Twitter …

uff guys please stop… its embarrassing

crypto mange was just giving a heads up

Who are you talking about? The team or the community? :thinking:

The marketing team is just staying on schedule instead of being held back like the launch currently is, there is no reason to hold the advertising/marketing team back. All of the other teams are working on their regular schedules as we await the launch of the platform. The only issue here has been the videos being private upon a tweet happening in the last two youtube video tweets.

I see that differently that one does not have to hold back the marketing team. I think that people now more annoyed than it leaves a positive impression. But this is a forum here and we can have different opinions.

These are easy to avoid errors. If you look at how much negative response the previous video post received, it should certainly have been avoided.

Nobody needs this kind of publicity videos while the exchange is not live. Taking into account the extreme amount of bad comments, this can only have a negative effect on both people who are already waiting for an exchange launch and new potential users.

Please avoid this and think this through…

I don’t want to come across too harsh and certainly not disrespectful but these are rookie mistakes. I’m an early Nash supporter with a big stake in this project and I have trouble with this kind of mistakes because it seems very amateurish in the eyes of those who are not as much involved as we are. It is the exact opposite of what this project is and totally not in line with the technical ability of the team members.

I have no problems with a delayed launch because I can fully understand that. But this on the other hand… Where I live we have a saying: a donkey does not hit the same stone twice.


We actually use a software called CoSchedule to plan campaigns and automate publishing at peek attention time. Unfortunately with the mass cancelation due to the launch delay it has bugged us on not canceling the first video and not being public on the second. So we decided to use the unlisted to future videos as @CryptoMange suggested because if we have issues of any kind again with CS cancelations at least the video will be visible.


Thank you for this clarification.

“We are waiting for the team that is working on the current blocker to give us green light and, so far, feedback has been of imminent solution and that is what we have communicated.” -Fabio

“…anything in mainnet blockchain is a slow process. We will not push absurd future dates because they are “easier” to communicate, but in return could damage our go-to market; nor will we make a promise for something that is uncertain.” -Fabio

What do you mean by that? This is completely out of place in this thread here. :thinking:

And besides, you’ve posted exactly the same here …

utilising the visits/ref links … would be ideal to use for targeted ads on youtube etc for those that didnt deposit Nash in to their account… should be easier to tip them over the edge than someone fresh… then im just thinking of incentives … outside of the raffle.

exclusive high profile STO with trading would really mobilise people to come over and trade