So So quiet


This is how I feel about it :boom:

Any thoughts?



Personally, I know what’s on the horizon – it’s a waiting game for now. I’ve since become more active on Telegram and Twitter, as that is where the ‘action’ is happening.

IMO, when Nash wants to inform its community of more central/integral changes or updates, they’ll bring it here. Also, I think you could consider it a good thing that it’s quiet here. It tells me the discussion is happening on more open platforms, and is reaching a wider audience.


If you know the meaning of the ETH bridge, could you please share with me too?
I don’t understand why is the bridge important?
Thank you

ETH bridge will give us option to have Nex token on ETH platform and many possibilities to trade it on uniswap or any other exchange. Bridge means you will have option to tranfer Neo NEP5 token to ERC-20 token in same amount so Nex can exist in both chains with same total supply of 50 millions. As far as i know Nex erc20 will not be stake-able on Nash platform because Nex nep5 is registred as security token. This is my thoughts on this. Not sure if it’s 100% technically correct.


Things would not be so quiet if team members would comment more often. I am not complaining though, I am sure they are hard at work since there are exciting stuff coming our way before the end of the year.

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Yeah telegram is where a lot of the actual talk happens. I no longer come on the forums because my Nash talk addiction is sated by telegram.

I’m feeling like already for two years now… nothing changed in my prospective.

When ETH Bridge Live? :hugs:

We don’t have the exact date but before the end of the year.

Is the aim here to get NEX listed on certain high volume ETH DEXs? If so, is there a plan for new ERC-NEX holders to easily stake them without converting back to NEP5?

Seems like it might be a good way to onboard more stakers and draw some volume from them trading once invested.

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We’ll need to wait and see what the details are when it launches. I don’t think we have any clear insights into how it will function.

In my opinion, ERC20 NEX will need to be bridged back to NEP5 NEX before it can be staked. I don’t think the ERC20 version is ‘functional’ – it’s just a chit that can be redeemed for ‘real’ NEX on Nash. In order to bridge back to NEP5, I’m assuming users would need to have an account and be KYC’d past level 0.

That’s my gut feeling, but like I said we’ll have to wait and see.


Yes, Fabio confirmed it during an AMA with the French community today :+1:

Doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future, but it was more work for Nash team in the short term without real added value.


Hello, do you know if ERC20 NEX can be listed on Nash Exchange?
Thank you.

Hi Radu,
I have no idea. My best guess is: if it is, it will be through Uniswap like on the mobile app.

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No, it definitely can’t be listed since it shares the same security status as NEP5 Nex. This is officially confirmed by Nash.

Nash will not get a security license anytime soon. Nash team said this is not one of the priorities and this license is very expensive.

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NEX being a security means that it can be listed on stock exchanges? :thinking::wink:

I would guess so, yeah

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