So, NEX token can be listed on Bitfinex now

Bitfinex has just launched a regulated securities trading platform called “Bitfinex Securities Ltd.”

Any plans by Nash team to get Nex listed there so that token holders can finally have a place to trade Nex with proper liquidity?


Why would Bitfinex list NEX ?

I thinking of selling all my NEX these days.
Why I shoudn’t sell NEX ?


to make money from the trading fees, it’s not like the projects they’re getting ready to list on there are super popular or hyped. inb4 “Nash is competition”, not really, Bitfinex is one of the top trading exchanges by volume, Nash isn’t even close, I doubt they see Nash as a threat/competition. There aren’t many tokenized securities, it’s worth a shot trying to get listed.

Why I shoudn’t sell NEX ?

Where are you going to sell it? There isn’t anywhere with liquidity, unless you plan on taking a huge loss.

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That would be really good, hope Nash contacts Bitfinex.