Smartphone Tablet App?

(Blondie) #1

Hi guys,

Just wondering if there is an App in the making. Even just a community app would be a really nice fingerflip to Telegram. I am noticing I am less and less behind my laptop and looking into Telegram less and less because of the same trolls and same “where can I buy NEX” questions and the clutter just gets in the way of the real news and community support. Having a moblie app where you can also track and trade would be the trigger to mass adoption if you can sit on the couch and just open your ipad and casually trade or track your assets.

So…to make my always long stories short: Can we expect an App in the NEAR future (say 6 months from now)

Thanks Y’all and can’t wait to see you all again on the next event! #plusonevoteforAmsterdam!

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(Crypto King) #2

There will be a mobile app. Nash team already confirm. Just a matter to time for the app tobe up.

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