Small UI improvement suggestion

Small UI improvement suggestion:

Here’s what my ETH tab looks like (top right):
Great, I am informed by the tooltip that my transfer is pending by incoming.

Unfortunately, being on NEO - ETH pair, NEO is the default tab, so I have no visual clue that my transfer is successfully being handled and soon displayed:

Here’s what it could look like (using my amazing design skills :muscle:):
Capture d’écran 2020-02-04 à 17.07.18

Probably something you’ve already thought of @Nathaniel. Just saying it would indeed be useful :+1:

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Personally, I really dislike (and find it bad UX) that I have to click on tabs to see the balance of the other currency. Something important like that should be visible at a glance. But let’s see what the updated designs will bring :slight_smile:


i would really love to land on the ETH tab when trading against /ETH and yeah, the balance is updated automatically as soon as the transfer from personal wallet to trading contract completes but that lovely pale little bleu dot is a good idea ^^