Sharding ethereum on Nash platform possible?

Hi Nash team,

I was asking myself if we can apply ethereum sharding on transactions towards state channels? This would make deposit/withdrawals to state channel 50-100 times cheaper.

I feel that transfer fees to state channels are still a blocker for using Nash. I know it is not Nash’s fault but Nash can look for a solution; :slight_smile:
What do you think aboput optimistic rollups? possible to integrate on complicated transactions towards state channel?

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I was doing some reading on rollups: how condident are you that those can be applied to depositing on a state channel? :thinking:

This article presents the 3 categories of layer-2 solutions. State channels are one of them, rollups are another. I was wondering if anyone from the technical team would be at liberty to disclose:

  • whether all those solutions were considered when initially laying Nash’s foundations
  • what the reasons were for choosing state channels when the majority of the ethereum community seems to be going for rollups


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I think the answer is because Nash aims for CEX like or even better performance, if I’m not mistaken that’s not possible with the other solutions.

I’m not that technical so could be completely wrong, also curious for an answer from Nash :slight_smile:

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I know Nash uses state channels as their layer 2 scaling solution, however the expensive transaction fee from/towards state channels still exists. So I am asking myself if it is possible to implement rollups only on the transactions towards/from state channels.
With this solution we would have l2 scaling when we are not in the state channel yet. :slight_smile: