Sending register code that don't work is bad optics

The equilibrium exchange referral link to register is not working and scurrying through the community I discovered quite a number of members that were even invited for earlier testing had the same issues which were not resolved until that period of testing was over.

For a new exchange that aiming to break into an already saturated market with the selling point of being a decentralized exchange, that literally means, minimal human influence, this leaves little to be desired.

It would have been better if people are not sent code, than being sent codes that did not work and when there were complaints, no response was given as to why these occurred.

This is a digital space where a transaction sent cannot be recalled. Users of a decentralized exchange will want to have a 100% trust that bar no mistake from their end, all sent transaction will go through seamlessly.

A link sent to community member that appears broken or at least do not seem to serve the purpose for which it was sent to members without an explanation as to why is not a bullish FA.

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Read the email clearly… It said AFTER April 26 so obviously it would be active only tomorrow onwards. I suggest a thorough understanding of the English language instead of trolling people.

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The testing opened earlier but they closed it and will reopen it again tomorrow, if you view the Feedback threads you will see his comments in regards to this.

I agree it’s bad optics. No problem with launching and the disabling. That’s part of a beta. It’s all about the message that is displayed, once the beta is down. As I’ve stated in another thread: Fix that please.

The codes works - it was closed from 1:30UTC to 11:30UTC. Please if you are participating in the beta follow the feedback threads. We will remove topics regarding the beta outside the feedback threads to keep community sanity.

PS: We are closing again for another reset.

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@canesin please delete this post thread. Absolutely useless, and correct. sanity is important.

I think nash should lay down important information clearly in the message with invite codes. such as invite codes not able to work when you close the Beta.

This way new members like @Adebiyi will not be so furious when he tries to open an account when the Beta is closed temporary. Lets improve this clear communication in the next event.


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I don’t think this is part of the community regulations to be disrespectful. The mail said after 26th April, I tried the link sent to me 00: 34am of my time zone on the 27th but you are here abusing me?

Have you tried the code already? There are several threads open already explaining very clearly when the Beta is closed temporary for a reset, code will not be functional.

The code can be used again when the Beta is reopen.

If thats your issue, the answer is here. I think everyone here gets it already. Cheers