Send/Receive transaction issues

When can we expect a fix for the send and receive bugs? For example: I sent USDC from my personal to trading account and its stuck in the pending phase for almost 24 hrs now. Support just sends a link to resend the pending transaction but funds still remain stuck. My USDC is still in pending status right now.


really needs to be fixed yes.
Also, happy birthday!

My USDC is still locked in pending for over 48 hours now and it took 4 tried before I could get my BTC to move, I kept getting a loading wheel no matter how many times I click submit. @canesin @ethan Please fix the transfer issues, they have been messed up for over a month now, half the time I have to resubmit 2-3 times before it finally goes through. I can’t even move funds because they’re locked.

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This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Stuff like this can not be happening during GA, period. I know the team has assigned a head engineer to asses this problem but it seems like nothings changed. Hopefully this problem is addressed this week.


things take time to fix, and they already confirmed it’s a priority. Give them a liiiiitttlee bit more time. I do fully agree that this can’t happen during GA, though.

Mine is also still stuck in ‘pending’ for a few days. Very annoying. I was planning on selling my LINK before this crash. If this was a significant amount of funds, I would be very very angry.

Also, very rude of the team to be ignoring you. Yes they are busy, but they aren’t so busy as to ignore their community. Sometimes I think this community is too good for Nash. Patience can will only last for a certain amount of time.

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Support has forwarded it on to the Seattle team apparently and they’re working on a fix. Luckily for me it was USDC so it actually benefits me due to the drop but that’s not really the point. I understand technical issues but this is a prime example of how it can effect customer experience. Funds can’t be locked for days at a time, let alone due to simple transfers between accounts. You’re right, any large amount and this technical issue could cost people hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially on a DEX where the main selling point is that you always have access to your funds. I’m a huge proponent of Nash and have been since day 1 but this is a massive issue. Transfers have had issues for weeks now with no fix.


This is the most annoying issue on Nash. Happened to me about dozen of times.


@NATENEX there was a new problem introduced on past Wednesday that has been fixed on a new deployment today. Please contact support to make sure your issue is solved.


Funds transferred correctly now! Thanks @canesin, I appreciate the update and the team implementing a solution. Please pass along my thanks :clap:


I assure you that there is nothing more frustrating than this, I have wanted to withdraw from Binance for more than 48 hours and the money is not in my wallet.

If I would be blocked in Nash I would stay calm, I hate all CEXs, I can’t wait to have BTC pairs in Nash and close my account in binance at once.


Agreed. I can’t wait till I can stop using Binance, Canada soon please :stuck_out_tongue:


binance is great at what it does, being the casino of crypto. but if nash accomplish everything they’re set out to do, then they can be great in their own way too.

I have the transfer issue again. Have raised it with support… Hopefully it will be fixed before the GA.

same here! tried to buy some ETH with USDC . spent some dollars for transfer to traiding account. my bid not filled, okay i want sent it back but got info “failed, try later”. trying and trying. contact support and got answer enjoy your day we will answer when solved.

Hi @canesin,
I will be trading a large amount of btc on the 4hr candle basis when BTC launches. I am a little worried to attempt this until I am 100% sure that the BTC will not get stuck between channels.

Do you advise to keep small amounts for trading until a few weeks or will the system be flowing smoothly?



@Trust_Yourselves channels sync on Bitcoin were already implemented on the new architecture (using backend submission), so that is good to go :smiley:


Great to hear. Thank you :slight_smile:

hey @venurgopal in your case the issue is solved today?

Yes… It was resolved within an hour !

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