Selling tradingbot GUNBOT promo pro lifetime licence with 750 Gunthy tokens

Hi I bought this tradingbot + licence from a winner of the competition. I never thought it would be so hard to set up. So I am re-selling it again.

It is the promo - pro licence for 3 exchanges. bought it for 580 usdc. So everything is clear.

Hi Blondie,

Did you check out this post?

You can get a working gunbot (remote too, so no need to leave your computer turned on) in a few clicks.

But maybe you meant set it up properly to trade like you want it to? In that case, your reseller + backtesting + willingness to learn are your friends :slight_smile:


trust me…I have spend rows of 14 hour days straight plotting in tradingview . I can say it is not for me. And the "programmer scene is not for me. I am at the commercial end of the spectrum and they seem to clash HARD. So I choose to distance myself and leave it to the people that fit in.

…now with a bot if they wish.

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