Security Token Ecosystem (NEX added)

(Peter) #1

I’d consider myself an unofficial twitter ambassador for NEX and tokenised(smart) securities, in general. I’ve redone this image to include NEX in the Security Token Ecosystem.

Make sure to share this image whenever someone forgets about NEX and follow me on:

(Behind You) #2

Thanks for your work but I’d be really interested in how many of these securities are already registered as official securities?

Are you sure that for example stellar x and bancor are securities?

(The Ron) #3

@Peter I think you forget the most promising one under Issuance: Own (CHX token).

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(CryptoUK1) #4

@TheRon Maybe nex is more important? Haha

Nex plan to issue securities as well at some point

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(Peter) #5

Appreciate the heads up! Very aware of them but have not yet researched thoroughly in their project. Just building awareness for NEX at the moment.

(Peter) #6

@BehindYou I believe they’re not securities themselves, but will allow for securities trading.

(The Ron) #7

Yeah, of course, you are right @CryptoUK1 :slight_smile:

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(CryptoUK1) #8

@TheRon Making light of it. I sometimes forget that Nex has plans to issue securities. Maybe will happen before the year is out, who knows

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