Security audit progress

(Hodl) #1

Hi Team,

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the external security audit has been started for the system as a whole.

Are you able to provide us an update about the progress? Any bottlenecks that came up with it?


(Ethan Fast) #2

The security review is going well, but it is not a short process. We’ve engaged with several independent security firms, some of the best in the business. That’s all I’m able to say right now. In general, the firms are impressed with many of the innovations we have come up with, but it is not a good idea to give specific details about the state of the review. Many of the things those firms are evaluating are not public information.

(Seidler) #3

Thank you for your reply,
So we do not have any time frame of when the security review will end.

(Blondie) #4

*Bumpbumpbump !!! Keep up the updates no matter how small they are! :wink:

You know how patience is thinspread in crypto. Athough I know the team doesn’t like updates just to give an update (and they are awefull in many telegram groups), but since at the party the "hope"was for a q4 2018 release…are we still in the “definately/maybe” pipeline fore q1 2019 or do we have to scratch these predictions off and better put an estimate launch way back q4 2019?

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