Securities - The instiutional playground

When Nash sucessfully registered its token “NEX” at the FMA Lichtenstein and achieved an official approval, Nash not only made the right decision to go the tough way ensuring being compliant in regards of the point of view of financial authorities, they also opened the door possibly stepping into the playground of institutional investors (pension funds, etc.).

Although the main goal is to develop the most user centric and user friendly decentralized exchange grounding their business model on volume through their exchange, APIs (like Fiat gateways and payment processing), market makers and so on - One really juicy opportunity is missing:

Are you also trying to get involved in the conventional stock market by pursuing to get listed on such markets?
Most of them are currently developing their own digital asset trading platform enabling themselves to list the new asset class “security tokens”. So institutions can invest in the same way they already doing with conventional stocks, etc.


Most of them are currently developing their own digital asset trading platform enabling themselves to list the new asset class “security tokens”. So institutions can invest in the same way they are already doing with conventional stocks, etc.

I think you’re trying to say that conventional institutions like NASDAQ, JPM are building their own platforms, which can be NASH’s potential competitors. But most of these platforms might be centralized and to serve customers of a few kinds. NASH can be more competitive than we thought by its scalability and usability.


No, not exactly.
I am trying to say that Nash could be a potentially listed securiy token on such platforms.
It’s not just about the business model exchange, it’s also about what you can do with NEX as digital asset. When NEX would be available on the conventional market, it could be first of all one of the first security token on such platforms and big players could decide to put NEX in their portfolio of security tokens.

The news of Bitbond was huge. Even conventional players from across the globe starting to talk about Bitbond

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Wouldn’t those platforms need to support the NEO blockchain in order to list it as NEX is a NEP-5 token? I think I read that somewhere on this site. So while possible, it’s quite unlikely in the short-medium term.

That’s right. But if you look at platforms like “Bison” and “Bakkt” you can see already that they will support at least some of the blockchain based security tokens.

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While it is sexy to have NEX listed on a platform like NASDAQ, there’s little value in listing NEX outside the Nash platform since the main benefit comes from staking and you can only stake using the Nash smart contract.
Once NEX begins to trade on Nash, I imagine NEX liquidity will naturally dry up on all other exchanges currently trading it… except Nash will have a protocol to allow other exchanges stake NEX.

That’s not entirely true. Nash is a security and like any other security you buy them expecting dividends.
Though its value is mostly determined by usage and volume of Nash exchange it doesn’t mean it has little value to NEX token itself it is listed somewhere else.
You buy a stock from a company because you believe in the company and expect some kind of growth, which then is reflected in value increase of the stock.
Same with NEX. An institutional investor might be interested in Nash because he/she/it believes that Nash is an outstanding company and will play a big role in the digital futures/assets market.

Well, the dividends on Nash are only earned by staking, minimum one month of staking. The only reason you’ll want NEX listed outside Nash is if you wanted to trade it short term and weren’t interested in staking for dividends.

I am not against listing NEX on, say NASDAQ or NYSE. In fact, I would very much like it as it would bring significant awareness to Nash. Just saying it may not be very practical.

I still wouldn’t say it like you. It’s not about short term interest if someone just buys NEX tokens outside of Nash exchange and is not interested in staking it.
The success of NEX is based on acceptance, popularity and volume on Nash exchange. NEX token could also just serve as utility token if there is a discount in trading fees or whatever.

Anyways…success of Nash exchange drives also the price up of NEX tokens. For instutional investors that are taking a piece of pie outside of Nash exchange profit from that. It doesn’t matter if they stake or not.