Second week - Liquidity mining beta - user experience - feedback

Hi guys,
first of all sorry for my English :slight_smile:

I want to share my user experience with trading on nash.
First week experience is here - First week - Liquidity mining beta - user experience - feedback - I post last topic to support and believe they look at it.

Most of week 2 I use cloud bots with small manual trading + I try nash pay.
Here is feedback.

  1. export trade history - thx @lukaskorba
  • if I go to pair Where I don’t do any trade I can’t export it. (I think it must be possible export it from all pair because export contains all data)

  • On BTC pair Where I do some trades I can export it

  • I think this is missundestanding because export contains everytime data from all pairs and I don’t see reason Why I can’t export it from all pairs.
  1. Export trade history - Request for new feature
  • it will be nice if I can select recommended 1 day + 1 week trade history (for me it’s better then download all month) PS. I know about Custom timeframe
  1. Export trade history - Timezone in trade history
  • on exchange I work with my timezone and that timezone is exportet to csv after that, but export says it’s UTC timezone.

But overall it’s my timezone not UTC and if I want calculate volume per day in UTC timezone I must take date 2020-10-14 02:00:00 to 2020-10-15 02:00:00.

  1. Logout from exchange - trading (it’s srsly pain, because sometimes I can’t see last trades and must do F5)

  2. If I use pre-filling by chrome, text is in black color :confused: It will be nice to see it same as I write (white colour)

  3. Nash pay support - Yeah I do mistake and put referal number to message for recepient.

  • But thanks to Olivier he post it to team and they fix my mistake :slight_smile:
  1. Nash pay - New feature
  • It will be nice if I will be able only scan data by QR code and send payment.
  • Last few months I use only mobile bank and it’s pain rewrite IBAN etc…
  1. Any info about new currency for Nash pay?
  • It will be cool to see Czech crown :slight_smile:
  1. USD price on exchange, it’s nice to see it but for me is not useful when I can’t trade with that numbers

    Imposible put BTC buy price at 11331.95 to be first in order book.

  2. pencil next to my trade - It’s maybe new feature but I need hover efect (my mouse don’t change to click button)

  3. Pencil next to my trade

  1. Pencil next to my trade
  • I think, that window must close automaticaly when I open another (because I Can broke it)
  1. Eye for hiding my financial balance

I’am the only one Who miss dot in the middle? :slight_smile:

  1. White hover efect on white background is not cool

Have a nice day!


Thanks for sharing your experience :partying_face:

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