SEC Commissioner Discusses Regulation

(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Hi Everyone,

Enjoy this listen.
Discussed is:

  • Security Tokens
  • Binance
  • Decentralised Exchanges
  • ETF
    and much more

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(Hypotheticalidentity) #2

Good listen indeed. Commisioner Peirce had a very diplomatic tone throughout the interview, and I like her willingness to listen and be progressive where it makes sense. Some personal observations (none of this is verbatim):

  • There was a brief moment they talked about custody of assets on exchange, and I think Peirce suggested there are [solutions in the making].
  • In the Q&A portion (at the end), it was suggested firms applying for broker-dealer licenses/alternative trading systems (ATS) would have clearer guidance or imminent approval close of Q1; she just said the teams are hard at work with these actions
  • She is definitely progressive in the space, and she doesn’t want the SEC to stifle innovation with antiquated laws
  • Capital markets do well with regulation
  • Read the Bitwise ETF and thinks data-driven reports can help allay fears