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I’ve noticed that typing “Nash” on google brings up information about a liver disease and to find the index I had to go couple pages deep, which is not ideal.

The top searches for visiting the Nash website can be seen in this image:

So does Nash team recognize this and are there plans to do some SEO magic and bring the index page higher up in the search results?

For us it’s not really an issue as we can just type “” or “nash exchange” and easily land on the website but as more and more people hear about Nash for the first time and not necessarily know what it’s all about, could be difficult to find info. I’m sure eventually it’ll rank on top but any plans to get it there earlier in preparation for launch?


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Well, you are the SEO expert right? :slight_smile: Good Luck.
I Can help to, I refer to Nash already. Google ‘NEX Calculator’, and you will find a link on the first website to the Nash Exchange website :slight_smile:

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Yep. Especially when we’re all wearing our Nash swag and people try to do a quick google when they wonder ‘wtf is that’

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Those wearing it are dying from liver failure, not so difficult, huh?

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i would be very surprised if Nash’s search results did not climb up Google’s search rankings quickly and organically based on rough community growth projections :slight_smile:01

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@bunder, I took the screenshot below from here or telegram last week. fyi Nash did not publish them themselves, but @canesin mentioned he thought the numbers were fairly realistic…

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Below Nash describes SEO as ‘obvious’

And this answers confirms that team is aware of SEO on-page improvements…

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