Screenshot For Simplified Exchange View

In regards to this portion of the website where it explains the simplified exchange view can you show a screenshot of the simplified exchange view? A new person to crypto will be scared off with these charts, I know I was when I first started. This is the same screenshot of the advanced exchange as shown near the top of the main page so when explaining the simplified view it would be good to show here.


Yeah for a new user, it would be best to just have the left part of the exchange where you can market-buy what you want to have. So hiding the technical stuff at first.

Yeah I have to admit that that section on the website is a bit confusing if you’re not aware that Nash hasn’t shown the simplified version yet.


It would probably be like this:

Looks like that is how buying with fiat via partners will work, not trading UI

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Yes, but for the “newbie”, you could have such an interface for buying crypto with crypto. It’s very easy to use and its very clear what you are doing.

Yeah, I was thinking after I posted that something like that with just a few more info boxes could work

The simplified exchange interface was shown at the birthday event in Oct ‘18