Scaling up - targeting crypto funds

Hi all - I just want to check what efforts are being made to onboard crypto funds on the nash exchange. In terms of scaling up and creating volume this has to be a major area of focus and it should be a relatively easy proposition to get in front of the likes of Polychain Capital and Pantera Capital. I ask this question because of an article in CoinDesk regarding a new manager Panxora raising a US$50 million DeFi fund that will ironically buy tokens on centralised exchanges because, to quote their CEO, “few if any decentralised exchanges can guarantee sufficient compliance with [AML] rules”. Being a seasoned hedge fund lawyer and a strong believer and investor in the nash product it concerns me that nash seems to still be relatively unknown in these circles. Would be grateful to hear thoughts/responses from the community.


We are working on two frequent requirements being made by that public:

  • MPC wallets on web (actually “no private keys in browser”, MPC is our solution)
  • MPC derived sub-accounts (actually “I need a management account”, MPC policy enforcement is our solution).

Does this mean we can forget about the “Unlock your session” feature when MPC wallets are out? Kind of bothersome while manually trading…

Are you able to say if some “institutions” are waiting for the above-mentioned MPC features to start onboarding on Nash?

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Thank you, this is helpful and encouraging. I appreciate that the Nash marketing team likely have this in hand and at risk of stating the obvious, the crypto hedge fund community should be a priority given the volumes traded and the number of funds coming to market. The Nash product seems perfect for the industry and if a major player can be on-boarded the publicity and market exposure that will result from this will be great. My clients/contacts I have spoken with have yet to come across Nash other than through my introduction and have expressed interest.


A really good platform to get involved with/speak at is the CoinAlts Fund Symposium Happy to make introductions to the relevant people behind this event if helpful.