Sandbox Testing

Nash doesn’t want me to become filthy rich. Again.


USDC transfers appear to be working smoothly.
Bought some BTC with a market order, it was instantaneous.

Looks like things are falling into place :slightly_smiling_face:


i wish bitcoin was this volatile :stuck_out_tongue:

since there was talk on twitter about bitcoin orders that can expire apparantly, did anyone test on the sandbox to keep a order up for a long time, see if it expires? Im wondering for how long a order is valid on bitcoin, and why there is a need for a expiration date on btc orders.

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hey dude ,
bit of a set back on tBTC
surely we should be able to service tokensets and defi liquidity pools with our eth/usd-c and Erc20/eth pairs

there is zero doubt in my mind they are using coinbase to do this anyways … and thats a major joke

aslo using coinbase as an oracle cant last

Keep guys will get past this and they are nice people, so I hope to see a liquid TBTC/BTC market on our future. As any wrapping mechanism it is a derivative, and people must be able to arbitrage around it.