Sandbox Testing

workin now.

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Yes, I was very confused by this as well for some time.

ETH transfer from trading acc to personal still dont work. really annoying. the good is BTC works fine …
Also In transfer window (from trading interface) close and finish icon do nothing. you have to go back with browser or you are stuck to this window.

Its basic UX need to be fix

Nash doesn’t want me to become filthy rich. Again.


USDC transfers appear to be working smoothly.
Bought some BTC with a market order, it was instantaneous.

Looks like things are falling into place :slightly_smiling_face:


i wish bitcoin was this volatile :stuck_out_tongue:

since there was talk on twitter about bitcoin orders that can expire apparantly, did anyone test on the sandbox to keep a order up for a long time, see if it expires? Im wondering for how long a order is valid on bitcoin, and why there is a need for a expiration date on btc orders.

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