Salary's and other expenses

@canesin Are you going to release any financial statement about the salary’s and other expenses to the community ;

As a project that believes in decentralization open finance etc you should have done this by now…;!

As an example I think the community would be very curious to learn how much are spend on marketing department, to arrange a few YouTube interviews and make a low quality knowledge base on the website

Nobody removed anything.

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on my side it is vanished , but i checked from another mobile that i am not connected as a user and it’s there , i will delete this comment

I think you’re just watching it in the wrong Category.

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Look at the chosen Tags.

Why so aggressive? you’re making bold statements, with a lot unchecked assumptions that could wrongly impeach people


i am not a noob :slight_smile:

i am making bold statements: by doing a reality check and stating the obvious ?? ok

“Joined 5 hours ago.”

Welcome to the community! Where have you been this while time?



Since you only just joined the Community you probably missed it, but we are a private company.

Decentralization and open finance have nothing to do with infringing on the privacy of people’s earnings. Is this the new FUD in town? Oh boy, then our Community is in for a treat!
The Nash salary ceiling is the founders’ salary, and since I can talk about myself: I cost significantly less to Nash than I did to Schlumberger. My tokens are not liquid, I will only have a great return if the platform is a success in the next couple years – as it should be.

I could go over dozens of other points, this FUD will never work because the actual truth is that this alignment with Nash success is what we aim with every employee. Yes, we hire based on personal recommendations, from founders and non-founders, we have been very fortunate to have that in the engineering, marketing and business teams. It is a strong signal of commitment and belief in the company, this people work harder than I could ask - something it seems you can’t understand - I feel specially great when one employee leave a company to join us, then later other former colleagues look for Nash to do the same.

Since you are probably not aware of the cognitive dissonance in your comments, I will explain. You complain about the cost-effectiveness of our investment in the referral program given the MVP, and at the same time you want us to invest more in promotion. Do you want us to spend more money or less?

This also expresses a strong misconception about marketing. Marketing is in fact the least costly department at Nash. It is made up of only six people today, and is called internally “marketing and communications”. It oversees five things: PR and outreach, events and sponsorship, social media and promotions, and support.

This encompasses a lot: all investor relations brochures and material, all emails and chat replies from support, all events – from closed ones like the EU Parliament presentation or development sprints to open quarterly reports – all images and videos on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, all articles and opinions written for the media, all participation in sponsorship programs, all videos and articles in the knowledge base, and finally everything branded Nash (or NEX), from adhesives to being featured in Forbes. These are all the result of the combined work of the same six people or fewer (in fact, the team only had three members until more recently). I list these things because I have seen people complain about the “marketing” of several projects in the space, from NEO to LINK, when it is clear these people don’t even known what a marketing team does.

Have we invested as much as we should in promotions? No. In fact, I think we have invested more than is ideal. It could have been a bit less, but we made the best decision based on the data we had. As for you, it seems you can’t decide if it was too much or too little.
I originally was not going to reply, given the sheer absurdity of your post, but decided I wanted to leave these points in writing.

The one thing that rubs me up the wrong way is contesting our integrity. I work hard every day so if we go up or down we will always be an inspiring example. If you’re asking these kind questions you can gfto and take them to your favorite scammy project, not here.


thank you for the insights.
Most people are aware that the right (advertising)marketing has not yet started. do not be annoyed, i (and most of the others) look forward to the overall result of the platform. a stock exchange and financial service provider is not something you just stamp out of the ground, even with one finished stock exchange templates

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@Upinayah normally I wouldn’t reply, but now I can just refer and ban when needed.


Lets get back to what you guys do best! BUIDL

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Many of these people likely have no long-term plan, and bought NEX at $1.5-3, or feel jealous that other coins are pumping, invested more than they can afford to lose, or are staking their NEX which prevents them from selling based on emotional whims - so those emotions are finding other annoying outlets, and manifesting as petulant bickering, FUD, and overall tainting the community.

It’s embarrassing, sad, and quite frankly annoying seeing people nag for things which would clearly be detrimental to the project. (e.g. “Nash team, please expend MORE funds on marketing early before BTC and NashPay are yet available.” Seriously? this would only increase ticket load, people whining/fudding, and etch the MVP version into people’s minds, and that first impression will determine whether or not many of them are using Nash in a year or two). If you can’t offer anything that might be of value, then go get a hobby and just wait it out, for everyone’s sake.

I commend the Nash team for dealing so gracefully with such behaviour. I’d be bashing people’s heads together if I were in their shoes. :laughing:


sounds like most people think his comments were ridiculous too Fabio. Integrity and work ethic are the last things we could fault the nash team on. And your leadership for that matter.


Thank you @canesin for the response. Always good to hear a nash founder comments some insight, even when its repeating things we already knew.

Personally i think the referal program was indeed a mistake, since the few pairs and big limitations for trading stablecoins etc was probably never going to work to attract a crowd. When nash finished its non-custodial tools (extracting keys from the nash phrase, withdrawing from trading contract without using the nash site) and finished bitcoin implementation with liquidity providers onboard, thats probably a good time to start a new referal program.

However i can understand people’s frustration, but they indeed shouldn’t question integrity of the team. Frustration comes from the severe limitations of the exchange (no stablecoin trading for many, very limited amount of pairs, okayish UI) and no security license yet or in sight. These things combined prevents traders to join and stay.



Honestly I am surprised you responded to this fudster, but good on you for responding in a very professional and factual manner. Fabio is the best.

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I personally don’t think the referral program was a mistake because of the cost per person visiting the platform and signing up. I don’t know the official numbers, but I am pretty sure the cost per person to be referred (and signed up to the platform) was in the cents per person numbers. A lot of platforms pay $5-$10 per person signing up and using their platform. Nash got really cheap referrals out of this, a good use of money.

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