Safe set-up for my account (step by step tutorial)

Hey guys,

Exciting times ahead! I have a question/request now that the launch of the exchange is nearly here. As most of you, i’m planning to stake the majority of my holdings long term (16-24 months). As i need to transfer my NEX out of my ledger, I want to make absolutely sure my holdings are safe.

I’m planning to create everything anew before i’ll be staking. Do you guys know if there is a step by step tutorial availably which takes me through the process of:

  1. creating a new wallet extension
  2. creating a trading account
  3. KYC process
  4. Staking process

I couldn’t find it on youtube yet, so I hope you could help me out.

Thanks in advance!




  3. KYC not opened yet But i feel it will be something similar to kyc during ICO… so if you have done kyc with nash before… you should be fine.

  4. Staking process opened at launch.

All in all, tutorials on all your requests will be out on launch afaik