Roadmap milstone indicator

(Nashrimpy) #1

Dear Nexers, it would be cool if we could see a roadmap with a percentage milestone indicator, to see how far the respective projects are.

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(Kree123) #3

You get answers to relevant questions from team here, tell me please what relevant questions do you have that are waiting for answer?

(Harry) #4

how about wen ?

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(Kree123) #5

If you want instant gratification, this is not the project for you to be invested in. Team has answered this question several times and given valid reasons for not setting precise launch date.

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(Nashrimpy) #6

I do not want a precise launch date, i would only like it if they made it clear how far they are approximately % in the process.

(Ethan Fast) #7

@NexAzure the system is far enough along on all fronts to be undergoing a thorough security review. we appreciate the feedback, but I’m not sure what the benefit is to publishing percent completion on systems. if we discover a new issue or find an awesome new way to make things even better for users (this awesome insight/discovery thing has happened several times now), “finished” components can suddenly need a bit more work

(Nashrimpy) #8

@ethan Thanks for the quick response, I did not think about that at all. I think your perfectionism is good for the project.