AAntonop’s latest catchphrase;

Revolutionary - Nash is building world first tech :white_check_mark:
Immutable - Nash’s technology is built on top of immutable tech but the platform itself is not :eight_pointed_black_star:
Public - Nash is bound by regional legislation and is a private company :eight_pointed_black_star:
Collaborative - Nash is working on API’s, SDK’s and Open-Sourcing :white_check_mark:
Open - Nash will be partially open-source and require KYC for some users :eight_pointed_black_star:
Resistant - Nash is non-custodial which makes it resistant to the same vulnerabilities as existing centralised platforms, however Nash is not resistant to regulatory constraints :eight_pointed_black_star:
Decentralised - Nash’s non-custodial nature leans towards decentralisation however the team/private company and matching engine remain centralised for now :eight_pointed_black_star:

Not sure if Nash will trend more towards or away from these characteristics over time, just thinking out loud.


Hi, you have a link to somewhere I can learn more about this RIPCORD idea ?

Interesting idea