Results from recommending to everyone I could talk to

-One person did the research in full and he is concern with the legislation part, he thinks that it will take too long for Nash to succeed.
-One person is day trading and the lack of education in crypto space is keeping him away.
-One person that is a programer is intrigued to find out more about Nash but because Nash doesn’t hav the option of automated investment every month he is just not ready to invest the time because of the work volume that he is doing. 
-3 people invested only because I believe in you so much and they trust my judgment.
-24 people listened to my hour explanation on why Nash is the future and how the decentralized world would look like but no success yet to make them invest the time to research for themselves.
So overall a part of people that are not interested yet ware burned since 2017 mania and because Nash is not performing in price they are just watching what I am doing. A part of this people don’t really care about decentralization, another part is just thinking that crypto is nothing serious to consider. Other part is just investing in stocks and major crypto projects.

What is about me? I just believe in #Nash and I have such a level of certainty that Nash will succeed in realizing the dreams that I cant explain why I am so certain. I just follow and support you since ICO and will follow and support you all the way.


I bet we all had problems with it. It’s very hard to explain someone a value when he only see price in front of him. It’s hard to explain the vision because they are mainly motivated by price and short term. But eventually more and more people will understand at the end specially when regulations come to crypto much faster then we can see right now.
Thank you for sharing your experience with this great community :clap:


Thanks for the report Radu! Yes, crypto is still really small on the big picture and your numbers reflect - nice to hear about the 3 people that really believe in you, that is 10%!

Let’s get back to them again in a couple months. Maybe they should just try it, and we can give some incentive by that time.