Respect the Law....But which Law exactly?

  1. What direct legal system does the NEX security token have to adhere to ?

  2. How is OTC trading defined within that jurisdiction ?

3)What is the law regarding the OTC trading of a (Liechtenstein) registered security …
through a company registered in Switzerland …with a DLT licence.

One could make the argument that NASH barely makes the definition of an exchange in the traditional legal sense. (ur not in control “handling” the digital property) OTC is a nice work around

…actually that brings me to my fourth question

4)The e-money licence to take deposits (EUR) and allow trading of crypto doesn’t appear to be that big of a deal. especially in Europe … so why hold back on this? Not obtaining one would suggest a strategic decision rather than the inability to do so.
…or is it the Swiss ? most the stuff i read is EU

I’ve taken the time to look around the community and have seen hints but nothing definitive on all the questions …

Many thanks

thanks for the comment dude … not much really being said here … @cenesin would be well suited to politics