Request payments by email?

Anyone know more about this? They just stated this in their latest Tweet.

This is one of the features of the latest mobile app. Use the central button to access the options for send/receive. Within the “Receive” screen you should be able to create a request.


Great feature if you ask me :wink:

Yes, I agree that sending payment requests is a great feature but I think it can be improved to draw others into the Nash ecosystem.

On all the payment requests (WhatsApp, text, email) it is just as simple QR code and address that is sent. At the very least take the opportunity to add a link to into all the forms of payment requests. It’s free advertising and funnels new users to the platform.

Surely there is an opportunity to add more legitimacy and promote nash to potentially new users. Just like Hotmail and iphone did with automatic notes at the bottom of emails. “Sent from my iPhone”.

I also think that it’s nice to add additional confirmation as to who is requesting the payment and who the money will be sent to. Just to avoid any possible confusion, the name is stated there in the request sentence or email header.