Renaming "Personal account" into "Personal wallet"

I think “Personal account” it is not the most intuitive name. In crypto we would rather call that a “wallet”, not an account. For the exchange it makes sense to me to call it an account, because we are on using NASH’s protocol, and we are not on-chain. But for the Fund management product it sounds weird. Am I the only one?

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I was thinking the same the other night when showing a friend how to use Nash.

Also, external wallet might be best instead of external account

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You have “Personal account” “Trading contract” and “Unfilled orders”
Personal account - personal wallet
Trading contract - trading wallet
Unfilled orders - trading wallet orders

for technically savvy one could set an info that the trading wallet is a smart contract

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The Personal Account name might make more sense when the 2nd Gen Key Management is implemented and there are more tools and controls at our disposal. As well there was confusion early on about the Trading Contract (earlier named Trading Account) where people wanted to bypass the Personal Account and send directly to the Trading Account from an external address which is not possible. The change to Trading Contract makes that distinction more clear but still not quite the best name. There’s definitely room for improvement there. Also Unfilled Orders could be renamed to Open Orders.