Regarding the #TrustYourselves motto

My opinion is that Trust Yourselves is much better. It means ‘us’, as a community, more people, we do it together as a community.
‘Trust yourself’ sounds too selfish to my opinion, that you can only trust 1 person and that’s you.


Personally, I like the existing line Trust Yourselves …'cos it feels more decentralized => the power of many, distributing finance for everyone…not just you ! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s fair to offer your opinions on the motto, but do not expect that they will change it because some suggestions from the community. I don’t know how many of us have experience in the fields of Advertising or Marketing, but I’m trusting that they have hired people who have knowledge and experience in these areas and are making informed decisions in the best interest of the company and product.

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It’s not just me, 75 people so far would rather change to #TrustYourself

I think NEX team should listen to the community, we’re trying to build something big here so we all have to work together.

I think it’s fair for them to take it into consideration but ultimately it’s their company and will do what they think is best

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I hear what you’re saying and understand your reasoning, but ultimately I think I will just have to respectfully disagree. I don’t expect Apple or Google asked their shareholders (who arguably would have more say than us who just hold tokens) about what their slogan should be. I think it’s the job of their marketing and advertising department to do this and I’m sure they probably spoke about whether it should be singular or plural and this is what they decided.

As a stakeholder, I feel it’s fine to give your opinion and who knows, maybe they will listen, but I don’t expect them to make a change as they probably have reasons why they chose what they chose.


I don’t expect the team to always do what the community wants but when it comes to the marketing side of things then it’s not such a bad idea to take suggestions and see what the sentiment is around things like a slogan.

This is so insignificant when compared to the amazing innovations NEX team is doing behind the scenes and I hope they keep focusing on that. I’m honestly fine with with the current slogan but again, this was just a suggestion for them to think about. This forum was created for a reason so we shouldn’t denounce every new idea that comes up here.

No pressure on the team, just something to consider :wink:

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@TheRon @sharkie very true guys!

Name checks out :joy:


but i like the motto. i think the team tries to market from the side of security . the fact that you dont need to send your tokens to exchanges, you essentially trust yourself with your own digital assets.

At this stage I would not worry about the motto.
Also not convinced that a motto or tag has to ‘sound good’ to be effective.

For NEX at this early stage I would opt for Trust Yourselves as is. Mainly because its different from the more generic version: Trust Yourself.

Also the singular version would only trigger a readers primary consciousness only. (for a person never heared of digital assets, crypto, blockchain,… that could be a very sceptical/avoiding feeling…) Whereas the plural form digs deeper (leading the primary mind into consideration mode). Believe it or not. Our mind has more than one ‘me/yourself’. + It likely gives more weight/credibility to the voice of any referring individuals…

Anyways. Whoami ?
We have all different expertise and backgrounds here. We should trust the people who have more experience with this in the team anyways… to become a teammember you need to provide certain proof of experience in the past or some sort of degree that shows you have studied this field of expertise before…Thus its up to them imao…
Thats my ‘secret formula’ on how to get rich while sleeping… trust other people to work for you.

  • would love to read a breakdown article from team explaining the reasoning and considerations taken behind it tho.

Absolutely! At this stage, I think there’s bigger fish to fry.
“Yourselves” or “yourself” is neither here nor there. As we have seen, there are good arguments for either choice.
Guys, let’s not be too finicky :sweat_smile:

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Absolutely agree. Wasn’t trying to say you couldn’t bring up this topic or it wasn’t worth discussion. Just wanted to state my opinion. And also 100% agree with you that compared to the innovations they are building, this is really a minor thing.

If one day the team decides it wants to share it’s reasoning for the motto or behind their design principles then I would be all for that. TenX has it’s share of issues, but I like the blog post they made highlighting some of the efforts of their rebranding.

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Hi guys! Thanks for sharing your ideas. We’re really glad to have investors so committed to our success and we follow what you say on the Community closely. A few people in this thread have understood some of our reasoning in choosing “Trust Yourselves” as the motto. Let me explain our decision fully.

The basic idea behind a lot of successful company mottos is to convey an attitude or a feeling that customers identify with. Really famous examples are “Think Different” or “Just Do It”. These don’t say anything specific about Apple or Nike products, and really there’s no obvious connection. But the feelings they convey are appropriate. Technological innovation. Sports motivation. The companies couldn’t trade mottos.

With “Trust Yourselves”, we wanted to capture a feeling but also keep a direct tie with the fundamental idea behind what we do, decentralization. We think this is better than a motto like “Don’t Trust. Verify.” This doesn’t convey any feeling and doesn’t make sense to customers who aren’t somewhat familiar with blockchain technology. We are aiming for mass adoption.

So, why “yourselves” and not “yourself”? We did consider both options, and went with the plural for two reasons.

Firstly, “Trust Yourself” is just too common and too much of a cliché. It’s the phrase people are used to hearing. Having a twist on the standard formula keeps us away from cliché. “Think Different” is also not really a normal phrase. Everyone knows it now, but if you consider it, “Think Differently” would be more correct. “Different” is only used as an adverb in some colloquial contexts. Apple also puts a twist on things.

Secondly, we want to speak to a collective of individuals, not just individuals. As a company, we absolutely value individual autonomy and diversity. This is central to what we do, letting people take control of their own assets. But, as in economics, increasing autonomy doesn’t just help individuals, it helps everyone.

Also, using the singular is common with lifestyle products, things that people use to define themselves. We aren’t making that kind of product. We want to speak to everyone and tell the world to take back control. There’s power in creating a sense of community. This forum, and the relationship we try to have with our investors, is a great example of that.


Thanks for the explanation Carla.

I’m very happy I brought this up, it was nice to see some interesting discussion for once. I guess #TrustYourselves it is :grin:


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Thanks for explaining! Nice to read the thoughts behind it, I like the collective part in it.


Thanks @carla
That is the same with ‘HODL’, everyone in crypto know what hodl mean.

Google it

And you find out what it means…


Greatly appreciate a look behind-the-scenes at your thought process. Hoping you’ll do more of these for the community after launch. Would love to have a look at how the logo/brand was developed!


#TrustMe when they release something it has been thought through. There are multiple people working really hard on the branding and they did their due dilligence. The slogan will probably take some time to be fully implemented with us but I bet that we will learn to appreciate it more and more over time.

Merry Christmas X