Regarding development of platform

@canesin @ethan or any other nex team members. I Hope you guys respond on this query

We have seen the delay of the launch. We have been assuming it’s because of the decentralized matching engine . Ok so apart from that. Your early road map mentioned btc/ltc etc pairs by Q4. So can we expect at least the btc pairs by launch may be early 2019 Q1 / late Q4 2018 . Or even it is delayed( btc pairs) ? How is the development being done. You mentioned security audit is going on. So is it still on neo or eth pairs or even for btc? If not what’s your milestone to launch for the btc pairs , FIAt gateway, what are the advanced trading features that your going to come up with ( if it’s innovative pls skip it :blush:)


Same/Similar questions and comments to your other thread, just worded differently …


We have replied this thread which is quite similar: NEX critique.

I will lock this thread but answer your individual topics:

  • Security audit is for the whole system. Not a specific chain support.
  • It is currently unknown if we will launch with BTC support or not, our priority is having ETH and NEO cross-chain. There is parallelism with some of the tasks being done, so this is not far fetched as some may imagine.
  • Fiat gateways are planned to be deployed before BTC.