Regarding decentralized off chain matching engine

Hi @canesin @ethan,
We have not yet received any clear picture of how off chain matching engine works decentralized way, we are expecting a medium article regarding this with detailed explanation. You even mentioned DAG instead of blockchain. So where you are going to you it and how? Since we can’t find any information in whitepaper or medium or any intrevews . Please spare some time and through light on this .
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I’m also intressted about this topic. If its a decentraliced matching engine does that mean I can run a matching for the network, like a bitcoin miner?

@canesin @ethan or any other team mates can you please comment on this .
Thanks : )

If i remember correctly, @canesin mentioned (at the Amsterdam b-day party) that there will be 5 matching engines to begin with. Each founder will run/own 1 matching engine. This is supposed to be the start of it being distributed/decentralised.

My best guess is there will eventually be node-like matching engines.

As this start is in my opinion not decentralised, i also would like to know how this is going to work…transparency is key.

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@Ashrith the core point here is the Speed at the rate of centralized Exchange, I am not sure it is a good idea for @canesin and the team to explain every detail on how it works, we have to remember that NEX’s aim is to sell the best user experience for massive adoption.Users should not know the technical Details( Just like the way we send emails today) , of course they may know the underlying technology.

About DAG, @canesin made it clearly as the future plan, and not the current plan,.

My point of view is that , we need to reach a point in blockchain and its underlying technology, that users may use the service not because they red the whitepaper, but only because of the QoS.

That is just my point of views, lets here from @canesin and the team.

Yeah, I even heard from the event that it would be decentralized by introducing many matching engine. He also mentioned they would be rewarded. I wanted to know from where they would be rewarded as already 75% is for Token holders. If is it from remaining 25% or if it works some other way. I just wish they could write up or explain how it’s going to work

I agree with this. But do remember that we are users + share holders .of course we don’t own share of company but we are supports and investors . We definitely need to know where and on what we are investing :innocent:

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We are Users and We share the Profit Generated by the exchange, We are not the Shareholders of Neon Exchange AG.We are only entitled to the percentage of the volume of fees generated.

That’s what even I meant :man_shrugging:t3:. But we need to invest in nex token . So obviously we need to know the tech. If you are least interested in tech pls ignore this post :sleeping:.

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I am Just telling my views, I am Interested in tech, but was trying to think at large prospective

Not all tokens will be staked at max 75%, some will not be staked at all. So there will be plenty of funds to reward them.

Yeah but we or nex team should always take worst case into account nah .