Referral Program Proposal

Hi everyone,

I really like the new referral program, while thinking about it an idea came to my mind and I would love to discuss it with you guys.
Before I continue, I know that the new referral program has just startet and already discussing about a new one might be a bit early (although the current one is capped at 100,000 NEX).

Now to the idea:
Isn’t it possible to do a program similar to Robinhood or WeBull, where every referred person and the person who referred gets one or two stocks for free when he signs up and deposits a certain amount on the platform?
I believe those measure were quite successful, otherwise they would not have run for as long as they have.
The eye catching thing about them that attracts a lot of users are the big numbers that get thrown around. (e.g. “Sign up and get one stock worth up to $3000 for free”). While the main price exists it is almost never paid out, but psychologically it is still very attractive, and almost like gambling.
Nash could do the same thing except with crytos instead of stocks (e.g. “Sign up and get one Bitcoin worth up to $50,000 for free”).Who wouldn’t want to do that, even thought the chances are very slim. Additionally I also have not seen it anywhere else in the crypto space.
I do not want to do a deep dive into the economics how those referral programs work, but in the end they revolve around some basic statistics.

What do you think and do you believe a referral program like this would work and be feasible for Nash?


Hey @quasimodo ! Funny you bring this up – this was one of my ideas as well!

I think it could be a fun program too, but it may be more suited as a short-term promotion than the main referral program. I’m sure the team is always monitoring ideas like this for potential. Who knows, maybe we’ll see something like this in the future :v:

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