Referral program - How do i activate the tickets?

(Icy Flame) #1

To protect against fraud, only tickets activated by accounts with a portfolio balance of at least $25 at the time of the draw will count as valid.

Is holding NEX in our account sufficient or do we need other tokens? As i see right now NEX was pegged to $0.

(Mark) #2

To me it seems like the portfolio needs to have at least $25 worth of any token the time of the launch up until the screenshot they take, only those with $25 worth at the time will be counted as valid

(Nate James) #3

They are pegged at $0 in the alpha extension, but I’m sure since ICO price was $1.00 they will be counting NEX tokens at a price greater than or equal to that. Remember, launch is the end of March while the referral program runs until June. I’m sure your NEX tokens will have significantly increased in value once the exchange is up and running.

(Hatertots) #4

As explained on the site, “All tickets are initially set as “pending”. For a ticket to count toward the draw, it must be activated in the post-launch phase. This happens when people begin using the Nash Exchange.”