Referral plan: How can nash benefit?

Referral plan: How can nash :nash_token: benefit?

The referral plans have become more relevant within the marketing and sales strategy of the companies, given that their investment is significantly less than the result they can obtain.

A referral plan is that through certain incentives you can motivate from your potential clients, your community, contacts and any stakeholders you want to impact, receiving in return recommendations from them to your brand, product or service.

The goal that is achieved through a referral plan is that more and more people recommend you with others, given that by that “word of mouth” many companies increase their client bases, so it is important to have strategies that allow you to motivate your market to attract others to try you.

For a referral plan to be successful, it must have the following characteristics:

1 Have a good product or service to offer that is attractive enough for people to recommend.
2 Simple process without tricks that generates confidence.
3 Reward or reward recommendations with value incentives for your clients and potential clients.
4 Clear communication of the recommendation and award mechanism.
5 Announce that they have a referral plan to all your clients.

A good mechanism to encourage your customers to recommend your products or services is giving them an exclusive member credential, since this way they will feel linked and identified with the brand, so when they talk about it with their friends and acquaintances they will recommend to the enterprise.

In the crypto market the exchange Kucoin has a referral program that has worked wonders, I’m not saying they should do the same, but it would be a good strategy to bring new users to the platform through invitation links as well as other big enterprises.

To give an example the most famous electric car company in the world TESLA has managed to spread the spirit ecofriendly to more and more more people. In this sense, the owners of Tesla have a good part to blame. As a reward, Tesla offers a series of promotional discounts and gifts if other new users purchase their vehicles with a verification code (Referral).

It’s just an idea, I’m not an expert in marketing, I’m just a common user like any other who gives a point of view that probably captures the attention of new users and maybe when they interact with Nash Exchange stay here.


Thanks either way. We already planned some referral programs.