React Native the right choice for Mobile app development?

TLDR: Native development using Swift & Kotlin is awesome, React Native is only useful as a short term solution.

Does the team plan to develop the mobile app using react native just for the purpose of bootstrapping the app and achieving a quick releases before migrating over to native or is the plan to stick with react indefinitely? There are more cons than pros for using react especially in the long term, the team I work with and many others have found this to be the case. I’m aware that this decision is entirely up to the team and as token holders we’re not necessarily entitled to information involved in internal decision making however as a developer I’m well aware of the shortcomings of cross platform development frameworks and the power/benefits of native development.

We have the same experience @CypherInvestor. When I found that Nash Mobile is actually powered by RN I was a bit worried. Ethos has been built entirely with RN as well… The framework is as powerful and useful as the mobile team is experienced and smart. I know companies what left RN as well as some that are still happy working with RN. Some other changed to Flutter. I guess Nash is taking advantage of React and JS, it’s much easier to work and share knowledge and maybe even some parts of the engine. Swift + Kotlin means 3 different platforms, much bigger team. I think it was clever choice from Nash team, definitely good start and I’m interested in seeing how much cool and smooth the app is. Also if the team stick with RN or lave it one day… Some cool stuff and updates are going to be released soon (I got heads up in June from one of the core contributors)… I wouldn’t be surprised if RN stays in the Nash team for long time. You said it, their choice, 100% well thought at the beginning of development I’m sure… I’m comfortable with the choice as far as the app works and it’s not killing UX in any way…


This is the crux of the matter :slightly_smiling_face: It’s challenging to support web, iOS, and Android with a small team and produce a high quality product in a reasonable timeframe.

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tell me about it :wink: I’ve been there… fingers crossed!!!

Thanks for the reply, had a look into Flutter + Dart yesterday looks like it might be promising than RN once it’s more mature.

@timothy said it … we have outstanding React developers and get farther faster with RN now. How things will look like in 1 or 2y is another thing.


Was thinking that was the case, thanks for the confirmation.:+1: