Random feedback

Since giving feedback in a disorganized manner doesn’t seem to be a burden, here’s some of mine:

1/ Scrolling the orderbook is somewhat laggy, degrading the overall trading experience:


In the above video, you can see me drag & drop the middle handlebar: see how doesn’t follow my mouse and only catches up to it after a few split seconds? The same is felt with a trackpad and a mouse wheel.

2/ While on the “Markets” or “Orders” tab, countless times have I mindlessly clicked on “Trade” in the upper-left dropdown to go back to the trading view, instead of simply clicking on “Exchange”.
It’s obviously a small detail, but I think it would feel smoother if clicking on a section in the dropdown takes you back to the default tab of that section, even if you’re already in it.

3/ In the Android mobile app, the transfer UX isn’t quite there yet:

When trying to make a transfer, I’ve had the above experience.

As you can see on the first screen, the keyboard is drawn out by default, that’s a questionable choice knowing the following:

While the keyboard is out, it takes a click to close it. So:

  • if I want to prefill my amount to 1.23xx I have to click on it twice
  • if I want to initiate the transfer, I have to click on “Transfer funds” twice

I understand the original intention of saving a click by focusing the input, but more often than not it’s going to be counter-productive as even to toggle the transfer direction you’re going to have to unfocus the input.

3.1 A quick way to correct the above is to make it so that clicking outside the keyboard not only closes it, but takes the action as well.

3.2 Error messages aren’t helping in understanding the situation (which is their purpose). I know that transfers are being worked on, but I thought you should know.

3.3 Last but not least, as far as I know it’s not possible to transfer NEO decimals, so clicking on 1.234038 should prefill to the integral part (1 NEO in this case) which isn’t the case right now.

4/ I have yet to find resources on how to create API keys from one’s Nash account. Which leads me to:

This link is dead.


Here is one from my end. This happened when I was trying to transfer Ethereum to Trading contract. Clicking on the “tick” ticks the UI off !!


Is not a burden because it will be ignored, we are not tracking this random threads created by users. As I asked multiple times if you have a bug please report to support@nash.io, for feedback we will open official threads from time to time and conduct interviews.
If we don’t have a thread open currently is normally because we already have a backlog of things to work on that is prioritized and takes up our resources.

Some of the best feedback has come from user created threads. Surely it would make more sense to have a single, continuously running official thread to aggregate feedback - it is up to Nash what this information is used for, but stating outright that it is ignored is bound to discourage a decent proportion of regular posters. Waiting to gather feedback officially will inevitably result in things being missed as people may not remember the issue by the time such a thread opens (as they are usually small details and therefore not a bug). Ideas and suggestions can be fleeting, so people like to jot them down in the moment and I was under the impression that the community site was the place to do this.


@canesin, I have the utmost respect for Nash team’s work, but ignoring a community trying to help is a rookie mistake, for reasons explained by @elliptic.curve. I will add to those the fact that the collective brain power of a motivated community will surprise you more often than not. Moreover, take the first issue I reported here:

I am not sure it’s a Nash problem, it might simply be that I have too many Chrome tabs opened most of the time and that my computer is running low on RAM. But if everyone upvotes it, it might help Nash realize that it’s a priority. By the way I did report it to support, but it felt cumbersome, my statement couldn’t be nicely constructed like it can on the forum and I don’t have any idea what the community thinks about it.

The way I see it, only personal issues should be reported to support (funds stuck in transfer, pending KYC, something not working properly but which works for others,…). The rest - bugs and feedback affecting everyone - should be collected in the forum in a structured manner, under the supervision of moderators if possible. But you already have the details of what I’m suggesting.


I must say @canesin I am very disappointed to hear that from you… I am a very big Nash supporter, I may not have been too loud on the forums however I have followed Nash since the the earliest of days… This is the first time I have ever been disappointed by something you have said.
Anyway, let it just be said that I 100% agree with @Oldsport and we should be able to provide feedback on the community forums whenever we want and not expect it to be ignored by the Nash Team… I am still flabbergasted that you said that…

I read the forums a dozen times a day at work on my mobile, since I can’t log in and reply from my account, I’ve been itching for hours to get home and let you know my thoughts.
Please don’t take my reply as aggressive it just invoked my passionate side in seeing Nash succeed!

We should be encouraging the community for all kinds of contributions and discussions to take place, should we not?
I joined this forum to;
1.) Have access to the community and others who are interested in Nash
2.) Have better access to the team and company I have invested in, and hope that my thoughts or ideas, especially, when constructive reach them…

Thanks for hearing me out! :slight_smile:


:point_up: This quote is key-point here I think. That ‘random’ feedback wil be ‘ignored’ seems just an honest consequence after taking feedback for over a year.

Think Nash its model proofs they were the first to recognise the power of community, and I’m sure they still do. Its safe to assume Nash became a master of feedback-collection by now and has an idea of what the core UX design philosophy must look like.
Trust the process, verify with patience. Time for dotting i’s and crossing t’s will come.


Hi Canesin,

I have utmost respect towards NASH team. I totally agree to your point that there will be numerous backlogs. I have worked with IT teams on development requests and I can vouch for numerous development requests that comes by. Prioritizing can be a challenge as you cant complete all.

I want to put forth a few thoughts when I was reading your comment.

  1. Don’t you think if 100 people contact support ticket to raise same UI issue, it is a waste of resource to track all 100. Needless to say the piling up of the tickets and confusion it would cause the development team.

  2. These issues might not be spotted when you test periodically and might not be rectified before the “larger general public” sees it and have a bad experience.

Just imagine the effort Oldsport went though to create that post with complete video recording. I am pretty sure 99% would not take the effort to do it.

My suggestion
Just add the issue to the tracker the team is maintaining and if bandwidth allows look into.

If you made it this far, Thanks for reading.

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@Oldsport we don’t ignore community feedback, we take that very seriously. As @sanderdms and @Crypto_Crack understood it comes down to issue tracking. When we open feedback threads we input that in addition with our interviews and internal QA on the issue tracker.

I don’t want the community to have the expectation that because they created a thread in the forum this is being worked or forgotten, that it is not handled or has become a priority. My goal in communicating this with uttermost clarity is to make it clear that is not how our process works. So that we avoid time lost on unproductive endeavors, for example nothing on this thread is unknown.

So I ask again: do not create feedback treads as this because they are more trouble than help. We love feedback and when we can process those we will coordinate with the community. If there is any bug (functional or visual) found please report to support@nash.io, the support team has access to our issue tracking and is trained to properly investigate, document and report issues to engineering.