Random exchange feedback

Just started playing around with the exchange and wanted somewhere to mind dump

What is going on here? Unit number changes every time you swap coins on the simplified exchange. Started with 1 ETH and ended up with 1.32ETH after a few swaps. Why not just just clear the fields or at least swap both numbers and keep them the same.


I think this is caused by asymmetric rounding. Because of the limited number of decimals it needs to round the amount of tokens you receive. These rounding errors accumulate if you keep pressing the button and the code appears to prefer rounding up to rounding down.


Haven’t placed a trade yet. Want to know when placing a buy on say NEO-ETH, i.e. buying NEO with ETH, are fees subtracted from the asset being bought (NEO)? So when placing a taker order for say 100 NEO, 0.25% fee is subtracted and the buyer ends up with 99.75 NEO?

When toggling the orderbook between prices denominated in USD and ETH, would be useful and more intuitive to have the ETH values on the y-axis of the chart reflect that change.


The values at the bottom, right and top of the depth chart are not visible in dark mode.
Also the depth chart itself is quite useless as it is is showing the entire order book (appearance is skewed by very high asks and very low bids) with no way to zoom in for more detail.

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Not exchange related, but the ‘sign in’ button at the top right on the Nash.io homepage links to the exchange interface - should just go to the login screen


When sending/receiving assets, suggested assets that user already has in balance could be at top of the list or in “suggested”, then others in alphabetical order/searchable. Alternatively something like the top 5 most used assets below the drop down.



The site does not remember certain preferences once the user has logged out e.g.

  • ‘hide small balances’ checkbox,
  • the order in which assets are displayed i.e. sorted by name or allocation
  • 24h/weekly/monthly views of overall portfolio performance etc.

Good feedback :slight_smile: